Facial Deformity

Preparation and follow up protocols for Orthognathic surgery

All Orthognathic sugeries will be only after 18 years

All dental and oral pathologies should be treated before surgery like any filling scaling rootcanals etc.

All wisdom teeth should be removed at least 6 months before surgery

For best outcome, proper presurgical orthodontic preparations should be completed before surgery this will usually take 6 months to one year this can started before 18 years

In case pre surgical ortho preparations cannot be done because of patients time issues selected cases surgeries can be undertaken But after surgery post surgical orthodontic alignment is mandatory which will take 6 months to one year, has to be done in our unit.

Surgery time for single jaw around 3 hrs both jaws around 6 hrs

Hospital stay normally 3-4 days including surgery date

Patient can take only semisolid diet for one month

Patient should be available for reviews at least one month post surgery

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Gummy smile

Protruded jaw

Before After Before After
pvs-317 IMG_3865 prognathism

Protruded teeth

Small Chin

Before After Before After
IMG_3251 IMG_3075 smallchin

IMG_3865 IMG_3865 SudeeshPaul